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Franklin County Youth Football Camp is July 22-25 from 7-8pm.

Cost is FREE! 

Open to all K-6th Grades. 

Email FCHS head coach Wes Gillman with any questions @

Please print & bring completed form to 1st night of camp

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2019- 2020 SCHEDULE

    9:00am1st GradeN. Kentucky @ FRANKLIN COUNTY
    10:15am2nd GradeN. Kentucky @ FRANKLIN COUNTY
    11:30am3rd GradeN. Kentucky @ FRANKLIN COUNTY
    12:45pm4th GradeN. Kentucky @ FRANKLIN COUNTY
    2:00pm5th GradeN. Kentucky @ FRANKLIN COUNTY
    3:15pm6th GradeN. Kentucky @ FRANKLIN COUNTY
    9:00am1st GradeHarrison Green @ Franklin County
    10:15am2nd GradeHarrison Green @ Franklin County
    11:30am3rd GradeHarrison Green @ Franklin County
    12:45pm4th GradeHarrison Green @ Franklin County
    2:00pm5th GradeHarrison Green @ Franklin County
    3:15pm6th GradeHarrison Green @ Franklin County
    9:00am1st Grade Franklin County @ Lawrenceburg
    10:15am2nd Grade Franklin County @Lawrenceburg
    11:30am3rd Grade Franklin County @Lawrenceburg
    12:45pm4th Grade Franklin County @ Lawrenceburg
    2:00pm5th Grade Franklin County @Lawrenceburg
    3:15pm6th GradeFranklin County @Lawrenceburg
    9:00am1st Grade Franklin County @ Milan
    10:15am2nd Grade Franklin County @ Milan
    11:30am3rd Grade Franklin County @ Milan
    12:45pm4th Grade Franklin County @ Milan
    2:00pm5th Grade Franklin County @ Milan
    3:15pm6th Grade Franklin County @ Milan
    10:00am1st Grade Franklin County @ Reading
    11:15am2nd GradeFranklin County @ Reading
    12:30pm3rd GradeFranklin County @ Reading
    1:45pm4th GradeFranklin County @ Reading
    3:00 pm5th GradeFranklin County @ Reading
    4:15 pm6th GradeFranklin County @ Reading
    9:00am1st GradeTrojan Red @ Franklin County
    10:15am2nd GradeTrojan Red @ Franklin County
    11:30am3rd GradeTrojan Red @ Franklin County
    12:45pm4th GradeTrojan Red @ Franklin County
    2:00pm5th GradeTrojan Red @ Franklin County
    3:15 pm6th GradeTrojan Red @ Franklin County
  • TIMEGRADELocation
    9:00 am1st GradeFranklin County @ South Dearborn
    10:10am2nd GradeFranklin County @ South Dearborn
    11:30 am3rd GradeFranklin County @ South Dearborn
    12:45 pm4th Grade GradeFranklin County @ South Dearborn
    2:00 pm5th GradeFranklin County @ South Dearborn
    3:15pm6th GradeFranklin County @ South Dearborn
    9:00am1st GradeHarrison White @ Franklin County
    10:10am2nd GradeHarrison White @ Franklin County
    11:30 am3rd GradeHarrison White @ Franklin County
    12:45 pm
    4th GradeHarrison White @ Franklin County
    2:00pm5th GradeHarrison White @ Franklin County
    3:15 pm6th GradeHarrison White @ Franklin County



Please be sure to screenshot a copy of your payment (without this, no equipment can be given out) 

*a glitch is not allowing the automatic redirection to PayPal.  Please go to your email that was entered into website to finish the payment process*

Or register in person on June 15th at Codiano Field from 9-2

Equipment Pick up is June 15th from 9-2.

First practice is July 15th from 6-8. 

All grades will practice Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays (unless coach tells you otherwise)



with tournament bracket posted under "schedule" tab above


Official League Weigh-Ins on August 17th @ Harrison!





Codiano Field - Home of Wildcats

Brookville City Park
900 Mill Street
Brookville, IN 47012

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