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We need parents to volunteer to make our organization an even better experience for our youth.  Please be sure to volunteer (especially for all home games), whether it is in the concession stand, manning the grill,  taking money at the gate, cleaning restrooms/emptying trash, field prep, or running the chain gang.  Our coaches can only do so much.   Without your help we will struggle with keeping our players/coaches/and families happy.  Thanks in Advance.  

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2019- 2020 SCHEDULE

    9:00am1st GradeN. Kentucky @ FRANKLIN COUNTY
    10:15am2nd GradeN. Kentucky @ FRANKLIN COUNTY
    11:30am3rd GradeN. Kentucky @ FRANKLIN COUNTY
    12:45pm4th GradeN. Kentucky @ FRANKLIN COUNTY
    2:00pm5th GradeN. Kentucky @ FRANKLIN COUNTY
    3:15pm6th GradeN. Kentucky @ FRANKLIN COUNTY
    9:00am1st GradeHarrison Green @ Franklin County
    10:15am2nd GradeHarrison Green @ Franklin County
    11:30am3rd GradeHarrison Green @ Franklin County
    12:45pm4th GradeHarrison Green @ Franklin County
    2:00pm5th GradeHarrison Green @ Franklin County
    3:15pm6th GradeHarrison Green @ Franklin County
    9:00am1st Grade Franklin County @ Lawrenceburg
    10:15am2nd Grade Franklin County @Lawrenceburg
    11:30am3rd Grade Franklin County @Lawrenceburg
    12:45pm4th Grade Franklin County @ Lawrenceburg
    2:00pm5th Grade Franklin County @Lawrenceburg
    3:15pm6th GradeFranklin County @Lawrenceburg
    9:00am1st Grade Franklin County @ Milan
    10:15am2nd Grade Franklin County @ Milan
    11:30am3rd Grade Franklin County @ Milan
    12:45pm4th Grade Franklin County @ Milan
    2:00pm5th Grade Franklin County @ Milan
    3:15pm6th Grade Franklin County @ Milan
    10:00am1st Grade Franklin County @ Reading
    11:15am2nd GradeFranklin County @ Reading
    12:30pm3rd GradeFranklin County @ Reading
    1:45pm4th GradeFranklin County @ Reading
    3:00 pm5th GradeFranklin County @ Reading
    4:15 pm6th GradeFranklin County @ Reading
    9:00am1st GradeTrojan Red @ Franklin County
    10:15am2nd GradeTrojan Red @ Franklin County
    11:30am3rd GradeTrojan Red @ Franklin County
    12:45pm4th GradeTrojan Red @ Franklin County
    2:00pm5th GradeTrojan Red @ Franklin County
    3:15 pm6th GradeTrojan Red @ Franklin County
  • TIMEGRADELocation
    9:00 am1st GradeFranklin County @ South Dearborn
    10:10am2nd GradeFranklin County @ South Dearborn
    11:30 am3rd GradeFranklin County @ South Dearborn
    12:45 pm4th Grade GradeFranklin County @ South Dearborn
    2:00 pm5th GradeFranklin County @ South Dearborn
    3:15pm6th GradeFranklin County @ South Dearborn
    9:00am1st GradeHarrison White @ Franklin County
    10:10am2nd GradeHarrison White @ Franklin County
    11:30 am3rd GradeHarrison White @ Franklin County
    12:45 pm
    4th GradeHarrison White @ Franklin County
    2:00pm5th GradeHarrison White @ Franklin County
    3:15 pm6th GradeHarrison White @ Franklin County



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Official League Weigh-Ins on August 17th @ Harrison!





Codiano Field - Home of Wildcats

Brookville City Park
900 Mill Street
Brookville, IN 47012

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