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Franklin County Youth Football began formation in the fall of 1986 and started play in the fall of 1987. Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for young boys and girls to play and gain experience in the game of football. Over the years we’ve had much success on the local gridiron as well as off.  Our club’s fundraising efforts have allowed us to enhance our local park as well as to provide annual scholarships to former participants who will move on to continue their education after high school.  We want to provide a positive experience while growing the program to better ready them to play at the high school level and beyond. 

 We first played in the Mid Southern League.  This league consisted of team from Franklin County, Milan, Greensburg, Batesville, Lawrenceburg, Moores Hill and South Decatur.  After only two seasons, we left Mid Southern and took our act to the Buckeye League of Southwestern Ohio.  We took quite a beating for two years in the Buckeye League as we continued to learn and grow our young organization.  In the fall of 1991 we came back to the Mid Southern League where we enjoyed great success for years.  In 2004 the SDYAA (East Central) joined Mid Southern and a couple of years later South Dearborn requested to do the same.  The league couldn’t handle internal growing pains and splintered. 

In the off season prior to the 2006 season a group met and began forming the SIYFA, Southeastern Indiana Youth Football Association.  This league was formed to provide a place for all the feeder schools of EIAC high school conference.  The league has enjoyed 10 full seasons of growth and transformation.  As the EIAC has grown we have added teams from Rushville, Connersville and Greensburg to now include all EIAC schools.  We have also added Milan back to the mix as the only non EIAC member program.  While the focus of the league is to provide growth and opportunity for EIAC programs, the mission is to provide the football experience for any young players in Southeastern Indiana. 

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